Yoon Byung-Rock


Byung-Rock, Yoon

Born in Korea (1967)
Graduated from Fine Art Dept, Kyungbook University, Daegu
Graduated from Graduate Course at same Dept, University

Yoon ‘s works have been widely exhibited in international fairs since 2003, including Shanghai Art Fair, Singapore Art Fair, Dubai Art Fair, Taipei Art Fair and Miami Art Fair. He participated in various group exhibitions such as ‘The truth about the six rooms’, Savina museum of art (2006), ‘Illusion/Disillusion’, Seoul museum of art (2006), ‘The flow – Daegu’s artists’, Posco museum (2006), and KCAF Korean Contemporary Art, Seoul Art Center (2005). Yoon received the Special Prize in the 12th Grand Exhibition of Korea in 1993 and the First Prize in the 18th Grand Exhibition of Daegu Art in 1998. Yoon’s works aer admired and collected by the National Museum of Modern Art, Daegu District Public Prosecutor’s Office and Daegu Culture & Arts Center.