Park Ju-Hyun


Ju-Hyun, Park

2003 Graduated from Dept. of Carving & Modeling, Art College, Dong-A University
2004 Temporarily Absent from Dept. of Carving & Modeling, Graduate School of Art, Art College, Dong-A University



⊙ 1999 Busan Grand Art Festival (Busan Museum of Modern Art)
⊙ 2001 National College Art Festival (Gwangwon Univ.)
Busan Grand Art Festival (Busan Museum of Modern Art)


Solo Exhibitions

⊙ 2008 Cube Space (Seoul)


Group Exhibitions

⊙ 2008 The Exhibition of Exchanges between Gwangju 21st Century Spiritual Sculpture
Association and Sculptors of Busan (Busan Educational & Cultural Center for students)
⊙ 2007 The Trends and Prospect of Scuplture (Busan Cultural Center)
Blue Roof (Geumjung Cultural Center, Busan)
⊙ 2006 Busan Sculpture Festival (Geumjung Cultural Center, Busan)
Daily Pressures & Minority’s Human Rights (Democracy Park, Busan)
Yangsan Sculpture Festival (Sandeok Park, Yangsan)
Art in city 2006 (Busan Mulmangol project)
Group Exhibition (Myeong Gallery, Seoul)
⊙ 2005 Dairy (Space Bandi, Busan)
Meet on the street again from May to August (Busan, Gwangju, Taebaek, Seoul)
Korean Sculpture Trends (Ulsan Culture & Art Center)
Dong-A Univ, Alumni’s Exhibition (Eulsukdo Cultural Center)
⊙ 2003 Young Artists’ Exhibition for the New Millennium (Tower Gallery, Busan)
Intellectual Extension in 2003 (Danwon Exhibition Center, Ansan)
⊙ 2000-2002 Art Featval for Busan Biennale (Haewoondae Beach, Busan)