Park Jong-Kyung


Park, Jong Kyung

Park looks for hometown senses through realistic illustration as well as within certain materials that recall images related to korea. These traditional materials have been introduced in his previous works nevertheless, the range is widened through his achievements. For example, Mats made from straw ropes, bamboo baskets and trays, millstone and gourd bowl, wooden bucket and pail, paper window paned-door with a metal know and even roof tiles are used. Along with these various materials, it is the bean used that grab our attention. While the beans are the main character of his series of drawing that were based on depicting scenes of laying out and drying beans, all other materials were utilized to support this theme. As the artist himself informs, beans were employed as a symbolic metaphor to conjure a hometown feeling. However, this idea is not limited only to beans. All other materials used play an equal role as they are also typical items that represent a hometown.