Lin Jian

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Lin Jian

Born in 1973 in Fujian Province, now settles in Shanghai.
He has painted since childhood and graduated from Xu Beihong Fine Arts Institute. For many years, he has devoted himself to oil painting about Yellow River. With the Scenery of Yellow River, Lin Jian displays the Chinese spirits and history and expresses his devotion for the mother river. His paintings are warmly welcomed and famous in China mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and U.S.A. There is a considerable number of collectors of his painting.


Solo Exhibitions

⊙ 2007 “Yang Sisheng and Lin Jian: Western and China Exhibition” World Daily of New York, New York, U.S.A
⊙ 2006 “Yellow River—Lin Jian Oil Painting Exhibition” Suzhou bense Gallery , Suzhou, China
“Yellow River—Lin Jian Oil Painting Exhibition” Suzhou hailai art center, Suzhou, China
⊙ 2002 “Chinese Spirits—Lin Jian Oil Painting Exhibition” Xiamen Chengxintang, Xiamen, China