Kim Hyun-Sik


Kim Hyun-Sik

Born in 1965, Korean
1991 B.F.A College of Fine Art, Hong-Ik Univ.

Solo Exhibitions

⊙ 2016 ‘Who likes colors?’ (Art Loft/ Brussels)
⊙ 2013 ‘Inbetween Spaces’ (Mauger Modern Art/London)
⊙ 2008 ‘Beyond The Visible’ (Simyo Gallery/Seoul)
‘In Between Spaces’ (Soul artspace/Busan)
⊙ 2007 ‘Between spaces’ (gallery Jung/Seoul)
‘Arbazar opening Exhibition’ (gallery Arbazar/Busan)
⊙ 2006 ‘Slash space’ (Gallery NC/Busan)
⊙ 2005 ‘Nuance’ (Gallery Insa/Seoul)
⊙ 2003 ‘Time Hole’ (Gallery Aum Tae-Ik/Busan)
⊙ 2002 ‘JiGO-From the long time ago’ (Gallery Insa/Seoul)
⊙ 2000 ‘JiGO-A Spotted puppy smiled like a girl’ (Gallery Sum/Busan)
⊙ 1995 ‘JiGO-Shadow’ (Gallery Boda/Seoul)
⊙ 1993 ‘JiGO-Travelling’ (Samjeong Artspace/Seoul)


Group Exhibitions

⊙ 2008 ‘SOAF 2008’ (Urban art/Seoul)
‘On the face’ (gallery Isang/Seoul)
‘Tow man sohw’ (Ming art center/Beijing)
‘The opening of a museum commemorate’ (Busan Museum of Art)
‘New York bridge artfair’ (New York)
‘Art Rome 2008’ (Rome/Italy)
‘The First Story’ (Gallery DESIGNER ZOO/Seoul)
⊙ 2007 ‘KAMIN art festival’ (Gallery No/Seoul)
‘The best of The best 20’ (INSA art center/Seoul)
‘Contemporary Auction Show’ (Seoul Auction/Seoul)
‘Art Singapore 2007’ (Exhibition hall of Suntec/Singapore)
‘KIAF 2007’ (COEX Indian ocean hall/Seoul)
‘The Ulsan/Halifax(Canada)-exchange exhibition’
‘A Contemporary view 2007’ (Soul artspace/Busan)
‘Wind from east Asia’ (China)
‘Imagination-View’ (gallery Jung/Seoul)
‘Two man exhibition’ (gallery NC/Busan)
⊙ 2006 ‘Another’ (City Hall Gallery/Busan)
‘ChoungDam Art Festival’ (Seoul Auction/Seoul)
‘A movement in their forties 33 Fine Artists’
‘Wa-In’ (Alliance Francacaise/Busan)
‘GADA-the second story’ (Gallery Bow/Ulsan)
⊙ 2005 ‘Small Artwork’ (Gallery Bow/Ulsan)
’21th Asian Contemporary Artists(11) (Christies HongKong)
‘ART Singapore 2005’ (Exhibiiton Hall of Suntec/Singapore)
‘Artists of Christies and Sotheby’s’ (Gallery Pyo/Seoul)
’21th Asian Contemporary Artists(5)’ (Christies HongKong)
‘Look out for Oasis’ (Gallery Lotte/Busan)
‘KIAF 2005’ (COEX Indian Ocean Hall/Seoul)
‘ART TAIPEI 2005’ (Convention Center/Taipei)