Jeon Sung-Ho


Sung-Ho, Jeon

1999 B.F.A. College of Art Eduction. Pai Chai University. KOREA

‘ Too Feel the sounds of my heart in deep deep place ‘
Rainy day…
That makes me to feel my wildness in my heart. I feel my deep ego. wich makes me free and to have clear mind. so that I feel calm. rain – wich makes roud sound, large movement, to my heart, lonely rain, rain for the memorys, rain wich I can feel the life, happyness… littly drop of rain from the sky. that sound makes me to feel calm then all.


Solo Exhibitions

⊙ 2008 2008 Rain-Echo of inner sound (Digital KEPCO Plaza)
Korea Figuartive Art Festival (Seoul Art Center)
⊙ 2007 Korea Figuartive Art Festival (Seoul Art Center)


Group Exhibitions

⊙ 2008 ‘Line & Color’ (Insa art center, Korea)
⊙ 2007 ‘Line & Color’ (Gallery Tableau, Korea)
⊙ 2004 ‘mirohoe’ (Gallery Hyundai, Korea)
⊙ 2002 ‘Jit’ (gallery Timeworld)