Cha Kyu-Sun


Kyu-Sun, Cha

Born in Kyungju, Korea (1968)
Keimyung University, Painting M.F.A
Keimyung University, Painting B.F.A

Cha Kyu Sun is well-known as an artist of the so-called “Buncheong painting”. When he first saw Buncheong Porcelain in an exhibition of 2001, he was immensely fascinated by its beauty and simplicity.
Since then, he established his unique “Buncheong” technique by expanding and applying it to his work.

For “Buncheong Painting” the artist mixes gray earth with fastening pigment that are used for making. Buncheong porcelains, and put them on the cloth to paint the entire part with white acrylic paint.
Afterwards, by adopting “Guiyalmun” technique, “Inhwamun” technique and “Deombeong” technique of Buncheong porcelains, the artist completes the work by drawing and scratching the figure using branches or brushes.
“Earth” plays a central role in interpreting the oeuvre of Cha Kyu Sun. Starting with the series of scenery, he already began to use earth from the late 1990s. Earth was the material with which Cha Kyu Sun could express memories of nature from his childhood and the general touches of nostalgic mood that he wanted to portray on the canvas.
Moreover, earth can be interpreted not only as a means to create empathy with nature and obtain insight but also as nature itself.